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We Help Business Owners Improve Their Businesses Using Our Online Marketing Solutions Services

Welcome to which is an internet based company that offers all in one IT solutions to businesses that ranges from website solutions for small businesses, custom website solutions, affiliate marketing solutions,and above all content marketing solutions which is the one you are reading at the moment.

In this content, we would unravel our online marketing solution services and how this service could be beneficial to your business.

Let's get started... 

What is online marketing and why do you need one for your business? In simple terms, online marketing is all about promoting your products and services online... by using online mediums such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social networking sites and paid marketing site. Coupled with other social platforms specifically built for online marketing.

Now let me ask you:  have you ever sit down and ask yourself why is it that some businesses could attract more clients to their business... whilst others still struggles to even attract one? Or perhaps, you are losing ground to your competitors and you would love to improve your business by getting more clients?

If so, we can help you actualize your objectives...

So how do we come into the scene?

This is simple... we offer the services of online marketing solutions to small and medium scale businesses in order to equip them with all the IT business tools needed to be able to improve their products and services at the end of the day.

How does this implies to your business?

We bring in our expertise into your business by incorporating the latest marketing tactics and strategies into your business. Thereby enabling you to experience drastic increase in sales of your products or services which could positively affect your bottom line which is higher return on investment (ROI).

There are a whole lot online marketing solutions could offer you. Take for instance, with the data's you get from the efforts of your campaigns; you can easily use these datas to improve your services, products, and also even improve your customer relationship with your company.

Does this sound good to you?

Well, what the online marketing solutions also offers is the ability to be able to get more clients for your business... and this is done by simply making use of certain keyword research tools which we make use of to get the job done.

In addition to that, we would also help you to convert your website traffics to sales of your service or products. Plus, we would be writing 2 keyword rich contents on a monthly basis. However, it is not limited to this alone... we would also teach you how to writing Sales copy that is captivating.

What you will be getting from this online marketing solutions?

We would be setting up sound marketing plans for your business which involves: Blogging, Article redistribution, comment posting,  Guest blogging, Setup of Newsletters, PR writing. These are some of the things we would be implementing of your website.

Besides that we would make sure that your website is branded in relation to your company. For instance, we would make sure that we use the same color your company uses so as to be able to matchup with your company brand.

We have been doing this for companies... the founder of RTS has worked for an internet base company were our major job is to promote products such as ebooks, utilities, softwares, and even video and audio tutorials as well.

Moreover, our team members has also worked with IT companies which are into the services of web design and development, online marketing, and even telecommunications. Therefore, we have all it takes to make your dream come into reality.

What is the cost of the online marketing solutions services?

The online marketing solutions is worth the sum of NGN 150,000 one time setup and a monthly fee of NGN 60,000 for maintenance on a monthly basis. Nonetheless, if you have any budget in mind that is beyond the monthly fee, you can contact us for discussion on how to implement sound marketing plans for your business.


In conclusion our online marketing solutions has all it takes for you to be able to transform your website and business totally. We offers the best of services to our client by helping them to build great followers on their major social media networks, drive high web traffics to your business website.

Interested In This Service?

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