Online Marketing Course

Learn Online Marketing In 3 Weeks

Online marketing is one of the most flexible and cost effective way to  promote a product or services online, by targeting the right audience for  your business.
online marketing course lagos Nigeria
Online Marketing Course

What are your objectives? Is it to land more clients for your business? Is it to improve your customer experience? or perhaps, all you want is to increase sales of products and services. Whatever is your reason(s) for wanting to learn the online marketing course... are welcome, as the online marketing course covers all the necessary information and tool-sets needed to plan and carryout successful online campaigns for your business.


Permit me to put across to you the following questions:

Are you losing ground to your competitors -- due to the fact that you  don't know much about digital marketing? Do you want to discover how you  can improve your bottom-line as an individual running internet based  business?

The beauty of online marketing is that you can streamline the way you  carry out your marketing strategies. With online marketing, you can laser  target your  paying clients.

How is this possible?

That is what the "Online Marketing Course" is all about... you will get  to learn how to create customer persona for your products or services. In  addition, you will also discover how you can craft out good contents that  will speak to your audience. Contents such as: Newsletter, Email swipes,  articles, and blog posts.

Doing this will not only result higher ROI (Return On Investment), but  rather, it will enable you to get to understand your customers on a  deeper emotional level. You will learn What makes them tick, why they buy  and why they don't... thereby improving customer relationship.

There are a whole lot you will gain from doing online marketing. So why  not learn how to carry out a successful online marketing campaigns?

Here are what you will be learning from our online marketing course:

  • Content Marketing
  • Creating customer persona
  • Paid Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • How to plan and design a website
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Link building strategies
  • How to make report using google analytics and spreadsheets
  • How to make a PowerPoint presentation based on your research
  • How to create strategy for your campaign
  • And above all, how to research your market

These are the things you will get to learn from our online marketing  course which will be beneficial to the growth of your company.

Sound too good to be true?

Amazingly, online marketing can yield far more results than traditional  form of marketing. The reason? Because you can laser target your  audience. You can easily target your demography. i.e. Age, sex, interests  and locations. these are some of the ways you can laser target your  clients.

That is not all, take mobile for instance, virtually most people has a  mobile devices... be it smart phones or just normal phones. You can  easily market to these people. This is why online marketing (Digital  marketing) is so effective.

All these are what you will be learning from our online marketing course.

What are the requirement to learn online marketing?

You don't need to know anything before you can learn online marketing.  All you need is the zeal to learn that's all that is expected of you.

The Cost For Online Marketing?

The online marketing course is worth the sum of NGN 250,000 and it can be paid in installment.


Want to learn how to get your business up and running in no time? Then I  urge you to enroll for the online marketing course immediately. As it will  open new doors of opportunities for your business.

Without wasting much time, to enroll for this digital marketing course... you can either contact us through our email address which is or through our contact form. Registered & Protected  N6WZ-W9G3-NBJP-J0SI