Custom website Solutions

Who else wants a Website design that sells?

Are you here in search of a digital marketing agency that could help you setup an e-Store whereby you can sell anything online? Or you really want a web design agency who can understand your ideas and transform these ideas of yours into a website that sells...?
custom website solutions package
custom web development solutions

Whatever your goals are --  we have the experience to build you beautiful web app for your business. We can also build you large scale websites such as web portals, intranet and extranet for your business.

Whatever it is you're looking for... We're sure that by the time you consult with us -- you'll definite see for yourself what we can do for you.

Note: Nonetheless, if you're not still clear on what you really need not is our web design client questionnaire which will be very helpful. You can fill the forms so we could get in touch with you.

Building successful web application that goes beyond just coding skills... you need a nice UI / UX design interface that will be simple, clean, and easy to navigate by those using the application. So therefore, if you really want to compete with the big boys... then our custom website solutions package is for you. 

...Built on the most widely used e-commerce and popular platform available today, this is the package for large stores or businesses who are expecting large amounts of traffic.

There are loads of features available to customize your store, and it includes a full set of tools to help you to manage your store as well.

Why choose us?

Our ability lies in the fact that we can build a great looking and aesthetic site that stands out from that of your competitors-- and get you clients. Whatever your goals are... Is it to:
  • Land more clients
  • Sell more products / services
  • Improve products that could meet customer expectations
  • Build a loyal customer base
Whatever it is... RTS web design team has what it takes to make these a reality...

Think of it, a great site that ranks on search engines first page... would convert leads into customers. Our expert RTS web design team will work with you to create a perfect website solution to reach your targeted customers that are ready to pay for your services. We've built numerous sites for, we can also do the same for you.

Here are what you will be getting from our custom website design package of an interactive and high style website design:

High quality, custom web design, up to 6 or more design choices and Up to 24 pages. In addition, there will be Built-in search engine optimization been implemented on this package. 

More features will be added such as Integration of blog, Advanced social media integration. Though, it is not limited to these features... there are more features such as:
  • Mobile version of your website (android, iOS, Windows)
  • Front page animation (If need be)
  • Content Management (CMS) (manage your own website!)
  • Secure online payment processing
  • POS and accounting software integration
  • Mobile shopping
  • Personalized website training
  • And above all, our work is guaranteed.

What is the cost for this package?

The cost for our custom web development solutions is worth  NGN 2,730,000... nonetheless, if you have a budget greater than this, you can get in touch with us for further discussion on how we could design a plan that will be suitable for your needs.

Platforms and Tools Used for the development of this application

Xoops, Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, WordPress, PikList, Netbeans, FileZilla and Github

Custom Features which you can choose to implement into your web application...

Below are the custom features we can incorporate... but its not limited to this list alone -- if you have anything in mind, you can get in-touch with us for a special request.
  • Calendar
  • Donation Button
  • Basic E-commerce (Up to 6 products)
  • Extra Pages (5)
  • Photo Banner Animation
  • Photo Gallery
  • Search Engine Tune Up
  • Discussion Forum
  • Guest Book
  • Content Writing
  • Newsletter Template Design
  • Extra Personalized Training

How do we at Reuoh Technology Solutions work?

...We have one of the most simplest process:

  • We listen attentively to your needs, and ideas
  • Our team also comes up with some viable ideas and suggestions for the project
  • The next phase as to do with agreement on the perfect plan
  • RTS designers comes up some awesome and killer design 
  • We present you with one design and allow you make changes were you dim fit.
  • RTS team comes together to start the construction your masterpiece
  • We present you with the site and you make changes to it where necessary
  • We carry out search engine optimization related to your business
  • We train you on how to update your new website application
  • There comes the Launch day! You sign off on your website and we launch it for the world to see

How long will my new website take?

Well it takes between the space of 3 weeks to 10 weeks to launch a site -- depending on the complexity of the site. Because, we listen to your ideas, we go through the planning stage...etc. anyway, you'll get a detailed timeline during the planning stages.


In conclusion, our custom web application development is for those who wants to build large applications that could be hosted on cloud. Take for instance, a company that wants to build a web portal for their business or intranet and extra would find this service great.

Let's do this!

Are you ready to get started with RTS team? Give us a call right away at +2347087551824 or contact us online for a quicker response. Registered & Protected  N6WZ-W9G3-NBJP-J0SI