Affiliate Marketing Business Solutions

Building Successful And Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business In No Time

Welcome to -- been on this page is an indication that you are looking for ways on how to earn a living doing affiliate business. Right?
affiliate marketing solutions package
Affiliate Marketing Solutions
YES, you can earn a living doing affiliate business as a full time job. That is the reason why the affiliate marketing business solutions was design -- to build and setup a complete affiliate business website for those who do not possess the technicality to run an online business.

Who Is This Program Meant For?

Now, if you think you have all the technicality to run a successful online business... please this service is not for you. The affiliate marketing business solutions is specifically designed for those who are tired of all the gimmicks that fly's over the internet... 

Those who have attended seminars, workshops, and perhaps trainings... and still there is nothing to show for it. These are the kind of people the affiliate marketing solutions is meant for. Also, the affiliate marketing business solution is also a service that caters for those who just want to get down to business. 

...Those who does not want to know about designing of website, building back-links, and driving of traffics to their webpages; but are willing to carryout the day to day activities the business would require like content writing.

Sound Familiar? If so, let's get going...

Does affiliate marketing really works? Did I hear you say that? Some people's full time job is simply just affiliate marketing. Nothing more... nothing less. It will surprise you to know that there are many who are running these business model at the comfort of their home. And they are making six (6) figures on a monthly basis.

Are you making six figures monthly from your current job? Were I worked before setting up my own business, we run affiliate business sites... and we were making 6 figures in dollars on a monthly basis.
You don't believe me?

Who Are We... And How Can We Be Of Help To You?

RTS is an IT business that runs online marketing service, setting up of affiliate marketing sites for clients, we also engage in the building of custom websites using WordPress, Joomla and Xoops for clients. We are not limited to that alone, we also build profitable business website for clients that is tailored to their kind of business and concepts or ideas.

Besides, we have great team members who are vast in digital marketing, web development, and telecommunications. nonetheless, we have experience running successful online business -- this simply means we have what it takes to build you a successful affiliate website.

Did I hear you ask-- what you stand to get from the affiliate marketing solutions?

You stand to get the following from this package...
  • Free domain name registration
  • Web hosting of your site
  • Design and planning of your website
  • Setup of google analytics for your site
  • 10 product reviews for your site
  • Setup of opt-in form
  • Setup of social media pages
  • Building of 10 quality backlinks
  • Guide on how to write sales copy that sells
There is also an instructional manual that teaches you on how to pick the best products to promote and  how to write good product reviews and also on  how to carry out keyword research. In addition, list of the best tools of the trade.

The package also comes with a complete templates that'll guide your work flow. e.g. when to write product reviews, when to guest blog, or when to comment. And above all...5 hours training through Skype.

How Long Would It Take To Deliver The Website?

It will not take more than 5 days to deliver your full working website to you...

What Is The Cost For This Package?

The affiliate marketing business solution is cost NGN 350,000 for a one time setup and NGN 60,000 monthly subscription for maintenance of your site and analysis of what works and what doesn't so as to be able to improve your site for better conversion ratio.

When Do I Start Seeing Results?

From the day of launching of your website before the ending of the month of launching -- you will start seeing immediate results.


But that is just the truth... when done right, you will start seeing results almost immediately.
Here are what some affiliate marketing veteran says about affiliate marketing:

"Don't build links. Build relationships... Rand Fishkin"
"Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires... Bo Bennett"

In Summary

The affiliate marketing business solution is one online business you can run at the comfort of your home. It is flexible in nature and it implies that you -- you don't need to have millions to be able to run this business.

Sound Amazing Right?

Well, that said... you need to discipline and dedicated to be able to successful carry out this business without stress. This is the reason why we at RTS wants to help you to build a successful online business. Besides that, we would guide you through all the way up until you start seeing good results.

So What Are You Waiting For? 

You can book for your affiliate business solutions package right contacting us by stating the service you are opting for which is "Affiliate Marketing Solutions" package in the message box. And we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks... Hope to hear from you soon. Registered & Protected  N6WZ-W9G3-NBJP-J0SI