About Reuoh Technology Solutions

Who We Are?

"Reuoh Technology Solutions" is a self-owned company registered under the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria--in the year 2015. This venture started as an hobby and obsession for the web and ICT. This is the force that propel us to be creative and innovative at the same time. Thereby, leading to success for clients.

Our Services

Reuoh Technology Solutions (RTS) provides quality web designweb development, consulting services, and internet services at a more competitive price. 

Though, We're not limited to these services... we also provides services in the area of Disaster recoveryComputer networking, and Security as well.

Nonetheless, the company will provides web development to small and medium enterprises, professionals and to companies that provides business to business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) services and product. 

Our web development team are the best you can find in this part of the country. We have experienced hands -- especially, in the area of Web development, Web design, Web marketing, and Telecommunication.

We proffer solutions that'll help our clients grow their businesses dramatically.  

Our Core Values

  • We believed in the principles of achieving more with less
  • We believed in the 80 - 20 principles
  • We treat our clients like our partners

Why Reuoh Technology Solutions?

One big bonus is rooted on the fact that the business will draw from the vast experience and education of the owners, who are highly skillful in management, Telecommunication, and programming. 

These comprehensive backgrounds provide the skill-set to support the business operations. Especially, technical aspects of a computer based business, design and development of products for clients. 

What Else? 

We're happy to have met you... and we're looking forward to do business with you. THANKS

P.S: Can't wait to get your project started...? You can request a quote by filling this form  or if your idea(s) are not yet firmed up, you can checkout our web questionnaire which will be very useful.

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