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Who Else Wants An Effective Paid Search Marketing?

Are you here in search of social media marketing companies in Nigeria? or perhaps... you are looking for a company that could help your business experience growth in no time? Whatever your goals are... Reuoh Technology Solutions is one of the best internet marketing company that can be found in Nigeria.

Come to think of it...

How would you feel to be outranked by your competitors on googles first page? That's not you wanted... right? This is the reason why you need a good digital marketing agency who could understand your business goals on a deeper level -- and also help to laser target the right audience for your business.
Paid Search Marketing In Nigeria
Paid Search Marketing RTS Solutions
It is only normal, when you're spending money running advertising campaign -- you'd want to keep tab or you'd want someone closely monitoring it and get results that's viable.

The truth is we can achieve this fit... and also help you to start selling as little as 4 days.

We can craft out campaigns that'll drive targeted traffic to your website, making you generate more sales than you can ever imagine.

We first research your marketing, select the right keywords...the ones we know that the marketing are not serving. i.e the under served customers.

In addition, we create mind blowing and compelling ads and also manage your campaigns for you -- making sure you have the best performance.

We are experienced when it comes to paid advertising... if you have NGN 400,000, we can come up with a plan that'll enable you to get the best out of your investments.

Our packages includes the following...

Our paid search marketing services include:

  • Keyword Research – We carryout in-depth research related to your products/services/ business and select the most profitable for your business.
  • Quality Score Assessment – We help assess your Adwords quality score and help you improve it.
  • Clickable Ads – We make sure your ad descriptions capture your audience right away.
  • R.O.I. Reports – We give you monthly reports showing your R.O.I (Return on Investment) and how it has improved.
  • Conversion Regulation – We optimize your ads to regularly improve click through rates.
  • Landing Page Testing – We perform both A/B testing and create new landing pages to fit target groups.
  • Multiple Ad Platforms – We offer multiple platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and a lot more.
  • Monthly Consultation – Includes R.O.I report and future projections.

R.O.I. Tracking

We track your R.O.I. in only the most logical and practical ways. This means there is no confusion whether or not you are making or losing money.

We only use demonstrative tracking methods in our solutions. Return on investment tracking includes:

  • Tracking outgoing budget expenses and cost-per-click
  • Comparing and contrasting current keyword pricing
  • Tracking leads generated from website in the form of E-Mails or phone calls
  • Averaging your campaigns cost-per-lead

Determining Success

We use one of the best and advanced analytical tools that give us all the necessary information down to every cent or percentage point of your campaign’s return on investment.

The statistics include Click-through-rate, Cost-per-click, Conversion Ratio, and Cost Per Lead.

More so, we also going to show you an ongoing performance so you always know your ROI. Paid Search Advertising is the way to go especially when you the right team to work with.

Are you ready to be found? Don't keep those customers waiting... you can click here to get started immediately and reach your targeted audience.

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