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What are your business goals? Are you looking for the best digital marketing agency in Lagos that could help you to experience drastic growth in both sales and profits?

Internet marketing could be a complex tidbit that can get one confused and ineffective. Nonetheless, we will work with you to design and implement effective marketing plans... by fully integrating a sound marketing plans such as: search engine optimization (SEO), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content creation and Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Paid search (PPC) and more.Integrating these channels can lead to drastic increase in sales and profits and above all -- it drives more targeted traffic to your web page.

Internet Marketing

Important Facts about Internet marketing

When it comes to the internet business...Google, Bing, and Yahoo Directory controls the major internet traffic... below are some facts about these truth.

  • Google alone is said to have over 11 billion searches every month
  • 20% of these results are said to be local search
  • 40% are said to be mobile who are looking for local contents
  • Facebook is said to have about 750,000,000 users
  • Twitter on the hand is said to have about 500,000 daily active users
  • While YouTube is said to have about 490,000,000 unique visitors every month
  • It is said that companies that blog experience 55% web traffic
  • E-mail marketing on the other hand has an average ROI of about $44.22 for every dollar spent

These are facts which you can get online... this is not something one just conjured -- imagine what one can do with the enormous traffic the web has to offer.

How We Work?

We handle everything that has to do with your internet introducing sound marketing plan, strategy, and increased in revenue all in one package.


Our team sits down with you and plan your site... accessing all the necessary information that we would require in order to be able to customize your site... so as to be able to match your company goals. In so doing, this can help you achieve your goals within the shortest periods of time.

What do you want to really achieve with your site? Is it to increase sales and revenues, or build a loyal customer base for you? Whatever your goals are -- we have an experience team that'll achieve this feat for you.


We implement your marketing campaign or strategies based on our research relating to your business. However, we collect or write contents, make all the necessary design of the newsletter,website and other materials match-up with your brand.


We are intoxicated with results, we take accurate measurement of results that's associated with your website. We ensure that everything are inline right from the SEO, SMM, to the improvement of your site metrics.


Each and every month...we take a look at your site ranking, traffic, and also put other data in perspectives. This is to ensure us to be sure we are on track. We'll continually do this until you are ahead of your competitors and your are making the most of your online marketing,

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you really want an internet marketing agency in Nigeria.

You can call us today for a free analysis of your website. Our RTS internet marketing team will analyse your site and also give recommendation that could help increase traffic, sales, quality leads, new customers, and above all increase in profits as well.

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